Ketogenic Diets and Christine Cronau’s Fat Revolution | PurplePages

Hi there followers and friends! My latest blog post covers an event I attended in January here in sunny Brisbane.I attended a seminar hosted by Christine Cronau, author of an excellent book entitled The Fat Revolution. This blog post is a summary of that event and my interview with Christine. I attended the seminar as a paying customer interested in learning more about healthy eating and taking right supplements on ketogenic diet to share with my client base and also as a journalist for my blog.

Validating Your RSS 0.91 File


After you’ve developed an RSS 0.91 documents, you have to confirm the documents– that is, guarantee that it makes use of the proper tags, syntax and paper structure, and that your tags confine the proper sort of information. To help you do this, Netscape gives the RSS Data Validator Device, a device that checks your … Read more

Create Your Rich Site Summary File


In this section: RSS 0.91 Tags and Syntax Validating Your RSS 0.91 File Using Special Characters and HTML Entities Languages and Encodings Supported in RSS 0.91 Using PICS Ratings Additional Reference Documents Tips: If you created a channel based on RSS 0.9, the previous version of RSS, your channel will continue to work as normal in … Read more

Netscape Pages

Netscape Pages

Figure 1. Content elements of a channel, shown as users would see them when adding the channel to their Netscape pages. In addition to the content types illustrated above, you can set options for your channel that affect its appearance and function: Channel language (required). My Netscape Network lets you specify the language in which your content … Read more

My Netscape Network


To create a network, adhere to the steps described in this document. In This File What’s New in This Release? Action 1: Design Your Channel Step 2: Produce Your Abundant Website Recap Data Action 3: Register Your RSS File with Netscape Step 4: Put the “Include this Website” Switch on Your Website Step 1: Style … Read more