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Hi there followers and friends! My latest blog post covers an event I attended in January here in sunny Brisbane.

I attended a seminar hosted by Christine Cronau, author of an excellent book entitled The Fat Revolution. This blog post is a summary of that event and my interview with Christine.

I attended the seminar as a paying customer interested in learning more about healthy eating and taking right supplements on ketogenic diet to share with my client base and also as a journalist for my blog.

Christine’s seminar was organised as a last minute event due to strong demand from her very large fan base. The author and speaker is due to leave for South Africa to attend the Low Carb High Fat Health Summit, commencing later this month in Cape Town.

Christine was invited to speak at the health summit which was organized and co-hosted by Professor Tim Noakes of Real Meal Revoultion fame. The summit will be attended by many of the worlds top low carb authorities, leading doctors and scientists.

I am also attending the event as a health professional and as a journalist. I’m excited to be documenting an event that is about to change the way the worlds medical fraternity views saturated fat and its role as an essential food element, missing in action from a healthy diet for decades.

The seminar drew pretty decent numbers for a quickly organized event, with many people in the audience keen to hear what Christine had to say.

Many of the people I spoke with during the break shared their stories and the chronic health conditions that have plagued them for most of thier lives. The majority I spoke to had issues concerning obesity, T1 & T2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders and poor cardiac health.

There were testimonals about living and experiencing success on a low carb, high fat diets. Brisbane couple Derek and Telaine from well populated facebook group Low Carb Island, shared their amazing success after overcoming serious health issues and losing more than 100 kilos between them.

Another testimonial about the benefits of embarking on a low carb, high fat lifestyle was from a woman named Rachael Bickel. This amazing lady was so inspiring with her story about overcoming a lifetime of health issues, I wanted to get up and hug her. Her life has changed for the better in such dramatic ways, that there is no denying the proof is in the low carb pudding.

(Rachael will soon be the subject of another blog post).

It was clear to me that the majority of people attending the seminar desperately wanted solutions to their health concerns. Many had been unable to achieve good health outcomes via the conventional process of seeing thier doctor by being put on a low fat diets and taking prescribed drugs.

Christine’s book The Fat Revolution has excellent recommendations from many outstanding and noted physicians, it is very easy to read and clearly outlines why our health system has fallen short of its mandate, that is to do no harm.

During my interview with Christine I asked her how do we challenge and indeed change conventional wisdom that has seen us become so unwell over the last 50 years?

Christines stated, “I think we are on the road to that right now because more people are eating low carb high fat and getting good results and they are brave enough to speak to their doctors about it and say well this is what I am doing and its working”.

I asked what she thought of how doctors were responding to the success of their patients taking their health into their own hands by eating saturated fats and dropping weight.

“Yes some doctors do disregard it (thier patients success) and then there are doctors who are already investigating it as a better way”.

Christine added that doctors know what they are doing for thier patients isn’t working. I made the suggestion that many doctors are simply going throught the motions and just ticking boxes, not really questioning why their patients aren’t getting any better with the standard treatments on offer, Christine stated,
“the depression rate for doctors these days is huge, you never know what’s that’s from, but I’d be willing to guess, number one, their diets aren’t good, and we need good fats for our brain function, and number two, if I was a doctor and was treating patients, following all of the right protocols, and it wasn’t working and my patients were dying, I would be depressed as well.

Christine talks about about the infamous Ancel Keys and his flawed studies and theories that as she says ‘created the biggest health blunder in history”. If you haven’t heard about Ancel Keys it’s easy to find a plethora of information of the net that exposes his lack of integrity and scientific negligence, when he cherry picked information from his studies, bolstering his point of view that saturated fat causes heart disease.

Mr Keys paved the way for for the low fat diet industry and pharmaceutical companies to grow rich off the backs of innocent people, who simply followed the advice of thier doctors and cut out the fat.

Christine not only showed the history of why we have become the most obese we have ever been as a species, she also shared her broad body of knowledge as to why saturated fat is essential to health and well being.

I asked Christine how people are supposed to balance the arguments for and against saturated fat, she responded by saying “the groups who are trying to say fat is bad for us are unable to prove why… they say fat causes diabetes, well what’s the mechanism for that? We know too much insulin, carbs and glucose causes diabetes, but there simply isn’t a mechanism by which fat causes diabetes”.

During the Q & A session the subject of carbs came up in the discussion, people seemed genuinely confused as to how many carbs are necessary. I asked if we needed carbs at all given that they are the only non essential ingestible food group to humans. Christine advised me that we don’t actually need carbs at all but stated “it’s fun to have a few carbs to spice up our meals with a few colourful veggies etc. We like them, but we don’t actually need them…I know that shocks a lot of people, but fat and protein is far more nutrient dense than fruit and vegetables”.

On the subject of heavily preocessed foods and how our supermarkets are killing us with the vegetable oils and sugars they contain, Christine advises us to steer clear of the middle section of the supermarket all together. “Ignore all of the packaging and stick to whole foods, avoid everything in the middle of the supermarket, its pretty much all rubbish”. The only thing Christine says she buys from supermarkets is toilet paper, cleaning vinegar and organic meat.

“We have been fed a furphy when it comes to whole grains, wev’e been told they are super healthy. My daughter’s friends start school on toast and chocolate spread and are starving by 9 am. Anna eats 3 eggs and butter for breakfast and doesn’t need to eat again until lunch time. Anna is focused on her work and the other girls are distracted by hunger.

Who is responsible for correcting the mis-information on eating saturated fat?

The health authorities will not make the changes we need to get people to eat saturated fat. Both Christine and I agree that the change in thinking will come from the ground up.

“Health authorities are so ingrained in the low fat movement they will not admit they are wrong”.

It’s up to us as individuals to share information and to continue to debunk the myths around animal fats and grain products. We all have a circle of people around us, many of whom will benefit from the sharing of knowledge that saturated fat restores health.

I would personally like to thank Christine for an excellent afternoon of information that will help many of the people in the auditorium to the freedom that good health brings.

I can only only encourage those that attended the seminar and anyone else out there reading this to continue on your journey, keep eating the fat that will heal you and keep reading and sharing information as this is truly the key.

I have never been healthier or happier since I threw out the carbs, sugar and processed junk. I have embraced a ketogenic lifestyle and would never, ever go back, not for quids!

I am in ketosis and as such I burn ketones for energy. I find I can go for long stretches without food. This is because fat stops the hunger. I spent the entire day working and later covering Christine’s seminar and never lost my energy level despite not having eaten.

When you stick with a low carb or keto diet and in time become fat adapted, you can do this too. Food become less of a focus when your body gets what it needs.

If you or your group need help or advice contact me for a consultation, I’m more than happy to help you get started!

That’s all from me for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and will leave a comment.
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