My Netscape Network

To create a network, adhere to the steps described in this document.

In This File
What’s New in This Release?
Action 1: Design Your Channel
Step 2: Produce Your Abundant Website Recap Data
Action 3: Register Your RSS File with Netscape
Step 4: Put the “Include this Website” Switch on Your Website

Step 1: Style Your Channel

First, choose what kind of material you will certainly consist of in your network as well as how you will arrange it, based upon the design template for channels received Number 1. You can produce these sorts of web content for your network:

A channel title (called for). The channel title is shown on top of the network window and lets customers determine your network. You can link the title to any type of http:// or ftp:// LINK.

A channel description (called for). You can supply text that describes your channel for the benefit of people who are considering adding it to their Netscape web pages. A well-written summary can aid rate of interest others in adding your network to their web pages. The summary is presented when individuals preview your channel, as shown in Number 1, below.
My Netscape Network includes these brand-new attributes:
Support for international languages and encodings
Assistance for photo elevation and size meanings
Support for image captions
Assistance for summary message for headings
Network items and also thing descriptions. Network things are the real headings that appear in your channel home window. You can link each channel product to any kind of http:// or ftp:// LINK, and also you can consist of a product summary that clarifies or sums up the thing. In My Netscape, individuals can set a choice to reveal or conceal item summaries in networks.

A photo and also summary. You can develop a photo for your channel and also connect the picture to any http:// or ftp:// LINK. You can also specify a photo summary that can function as a subtitle for the picture.

A text input field. You can position a message input field in your network window, then provide the URL of the.cgi or other program that takes care of the form data sent. You can additionally include a text input summary that can act as a label for the text input.

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