Netscape Pages

Figure 1. Content elements of a channel, shown as users would see them when adding the channel to their Netscape pages.

In addition to the content types illustrated above, you can set options for your channel that affect its appearance and function:

  • Channel language (required). My Netscape Network lets you specify the language in which your content is written.
  • Channel encoding. You can optionally specify a character encoding for your channel. If you don’t specify an encoding for your channel, the encoding setting of your channel defaults to UTF-8.
  • PICS rating of content. You can include a PICS content rating in your channel.
  • Image height and image width. You can define the height and width of the custom image in your channel window, so that My Netscape renders it properly. The maximum allowed image size is 144 pixels (width) x 400 pixels (height).
  • Link URLs. You can link most content types — including channel title, channel image, and channel items — to any http:// or ftp:// URL.
  • Text input URL. If you are using a text input field in your channel window, you can supply the URL of the .cgi or other program that handles the form data submitted.

Note that the actual appearance of your content in your channel is determined by the channel template used by My Netscape. This means that you cannot change basic formatting attributes such as the font size of titles or items, the color of the channel background, the placement of your image, and so on.

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