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Articles are a popular form of syndicated content. They are often offered out for manual syndication – the article is simply displayed with a notice stating that it can be reprinted once the required terms are met. There is another popular format though – automatically updating articles.This tutorial explains an easy method of offering an automatically updated html file to other sites. I have taken the example of an article but the same theory could be applied to other content such as tutorials, images or news.

Step One

You need to decide upon a name and location for the file you will be offering out. This is because you will be giving the sites that add your content to theirs a simple line of JavaScript to add to their page and call your file. This will mean no effort on their part once they have added the JavaScript to their site. A little regular effort on your part will be required in that you will need to update this file weekly or at whatever other interval you have decided upon.

For example I have decided to call my file weeklyarticle.js and place it in a folder called examples that I keep in my root directory. You can call your file whatever you like but please note that your file must have a JavaScript (.js) file name extension.

Once you have the URL of your file you can work out what the JavaScript you need to give to your syndicating sites will be. In my case I would use the following JavaScript:

<script language=”JavaScript” src=””>

Yours will be the same, only referring to the URL of your file rather than

Step Two

In the second part of this tutorial I explain how to create a file for syndication.

You must remember that this file will be displayed on other people’s sites and code with this in mind.